Saturday, October 09, 2010


Hello, and welcome to my new blog!
This is my first time blogging, but ill try to do my best making this a good blog. This blog will mostly contain commentarys about different games and some gaming news(I think).
The games I play most is: WoW, Starcraft 2 and Minecraft. I will try to make commentarys about all of them (as soon as I get  my microphone back!). If there's any other game you want me to make commentarys about please write in the comment section below or write an e-mail to 


  1. Good luck on your blog. Cant wait for more posts man.

  2. Good luck too, how'd you make the picture for the blog?

  3. Looking forward to more posts, man! Been playing WoW for over 5 years now. SC2 is baller too, though I do hate the point system in the ladders...